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Learning, Teaching, Writing, and Reading Resources

  • How to Use the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) – the “definitive record of the English language”
  • MLA Format: The Basics – for introduction and review of MLA (Modern Language Association) format style
  • Wikipedia – is it appropriate for academic writing? How and when?
  • How to Write a Paper – Writing a summary? Doing a film analysis? This page helps get you oriented on the kind of paper you are writing.
  • DAW (Digital Academic Writing) Page – Applications and digital resources for student writing + research, multimedia composing, and multimodal learning and teaching in the humanites
  • Tutorials – Getting started on a project?  Using an educational technology or app for the first time?  This is the place for you.  Here you can find instructional “how to” lessons about how to register for Moodle, how to post on our course blog or wiki, how to do a multimodal presentation for class, or how to Tweet.  You can also browse other useful resources on accessing the technology needed to participate productively in our course.
  • Our Words, Their Words” – Changes to Language and Writing

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