About This Site / Student Use of The “Digital Classroom”



This website (www.gantercourses.net) and its network of associated pages (blogs, wikis, social media sites) are intended to serve as a set of resources for students enrolled in the courses of Brian Ganter at Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC.  

Student use of a “digital classroom” refers to any digital and online interactions undertaken as part of a course in an academic context.  This can include:

  1. university-specific resources such as eLearn, ePortfolios, or a course website; 
  2. a remote learning platform such as Zoom or Teams;
  3. non-university webpages visited as part of academic assignments (e.g., for research); or 
  4. so called “third party” social media sites (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, Google Docs, WordPress, etc.).

This page introduces students and visitors to the ABCs — the terms and conditions — of taking part in all three kinds of “digital classroom” environments.  It also encourages academic web users to be aware and informed about any sharing of information and data online, whether intentional or not.



  • STUDENT PRIVACY Interactions in the context of a “digital classroom” should be entered into with the same degree of caution as online interactions in non-classroom settings.  At no time will students be asked or encouraged to offer personal information or images to any “third party” social media websites (other than contact information, such as an email address).  Moreover students are expressly discouraged from offering any such personal information or images. (RECOMMENDED:  The Digital Tattoo [UBC] is a website designed to enhance student and individual awareness about the risks and implications of entering into and navigating the online environment)
  • STUDENT INFORMATION   Even when using “protected” university websites such as eLearn or the E-Portfolio platform student should take care to reveal only information (personal contact, location, etc.) they are comfortable being revealed to other students in the class or at the university.  Use of the Capilano student email address as a contact address is encouraged, and the use of a separate student account or student page (distinct from a personal email account or a personal Facebook/Twitter page) for online classroom interactions is encouraged.
  • CODE OF CONDUCT Students should note that online interactions with other students on Moodle or elsewhere undertaken in the context of academic projects, work, and research are governed by the terms of our course syllabus (regarding lateness, etc.) as well as the general code of conduct regarding disruptive and improper classroom behaviour outlined in the Capilano University Student Conduct Policy.
  • EXTERNAL LINKS/WEBSITES  We define “external links” as links that are not directly part of this website and that take visitors to websites or to online places outside of the “gantercourses.net” network of blogs, websites, wikis, etc.  External links and sites may expose users to additional risks or scrutiny.  On this website and network, external links will be indicated to users by pages that open in a new browser window/tab.  The content, accuracy or security of these websites cannot be guaranteed.  Any external links that promote commercial content, either directly (through advertising of any kind) or indirectly (through adware or spam) should be reported to the webmaster of this site for immediate removal.


  • DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP Some visitors to this website and its associated pages (blogs, wikis, social media sites) who wish to review further clarification about the use of digital media in the academic workplace may wish to view the new guidelines issued by the Modern Language Association on how digital contributions should be evaluated in hiring, tenure and promotion decisions



Bauerline, Mark.  The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30).  Tarcher, 2008.  Print.



Any additional concerns or questions about this website and its associated pages should be directed to the gantercourses.net webmaster at gcadmin@gantercourses.net.