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You have arrived at the badges home page for Brian Ganter’s ENGL 100 courses at Capilano University.

Below is a list of the badges that can be earned by students enrolled in our course. Click on the links below for details about the badges and how to receive them.

* NOTE: For returning students who wish to log in or upload achievements log in here. If you do not get a log in screen after following this link, it means you are already logged in. Badges you have already achieved will display on the lower left of the front page if you are already logged in to this site.

Getting Started

This introduction assumes that you have already reviewed our “Getting Started” page.

If you have then you already know that in order to apply for and receive badges, you must be able to log in to our ‘gantercourses.net/badges’ website here.  You must also first have set up an account at Credly, here, using the same email address for both sites.

The digital badge system will work as a fourth hour activity for our course. It will therefore be optional. However, students may be assigned to complete specific badges from time to time to support their course learning.  We will therefore all sign up for the digital badge system at the start of the term.

Note that some (not all) of the badges in my digital badge system have points associated with them.  Students who achieve a total of 50 or more points throughout the term will have 3 additional points added to their final grade for the term. Partial credit is not given: only students who reach 50 points before the end of the last class this term will have their final grade adjusted.

You may close your accounts at the conclusion of the course, or you may wish to keep your Credly account active if you wish to store your badges or add to them in future courses at Capilano U. or elsewhere.

Happy badging!

Beginners’ Badges (Get Started Here)

Writing Centre Badges

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