Course Badges – Home Page + Introduction



Welcome! This is the ‘Course Badges’ Home Page + Introduction

This course makes use of educational badges. The badge system supports your learning by charting your progress inside and outside the classroom. Each step you take earns you a digital badge: a sign for both you and the instructor that you have acquired the skills associated with that badge.

This page lists the badges that are available for you to earn as part of this course.  Start with the “Getting Started” section if you are new to the course or to the idea of badges.

All of our course badges are issued by the website “Credly.”  Before you start collecting badges you will need to sign up for an account here. This will allow you to collect and display your badges to others, including the course instructor.

  • ‘Library + Research’ Badges

  • ‘Writing Process’ Badges

  • ‘Active Learning’ Badges

  • ‘Community Learning’ Badges

  • ‘Advanced’ Badges


Q: I’m still confused. What are Course Badges? A: Click here.

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