Shift “Game of the Year”

Dec 11, 2013 by

Shift “Game of the Year”

I really enjoyed playing Shift. It was challenging enough, that after each level I was quite happy, and would rejoice in my victory. Theirs been huge blockbuster games that haven’t given me that type of feeling. The familiar but yet different levels kept me guessing and I constantly had to rethink my strategy. I would bet that if this game were to be sold on iTunes it would do quite well. I enjoyed the black and white motif, it really made the blood pop, each time I was impaled on the spikes. Jumping from ledge to ledge reminded me of Super Mario, so that could be why I enjoyed it. All an all it’s a good game, I commend the creators, and look forward to playing more of their games. Merry Christmas from Bobby    486284_10151346007865645_1087870950_n

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