Multimodal Group Presentation: What is It?


The multimodal group presentation is an assignment that asks you to research and present arguments and concepts using the tools, platforms and persuasive stratgies of digital media.

Multimodal thinking, writing

Traditional presnetations are “Telliing” : multimodal invovle telling, but also showing and doing.

Here are some.

The main thing to avoid is sensationalism and the need to “entertain” (falling into what some have rightly called “edutainment”).

A  great starting place to consider some of the ways in which multimodal and multimedia works are increasingly making their way in university teaching and learning is the video This is Scholarship, which you can view here (and make sure to read the research that led to the video here).  This video address multimodal scholarship both in its argument (‘what’ it says) and in its form (‘how’ it presents the material).

Below are some further examples: