Week 11 / Wed. Mar. 25: Canonization I

Leaders: Aurelea + Brian

Readings: Explore the following digital anthologies and consider what is being foregrounded and privileged in these sites. Come prepared to discuss the ways in which we may want to elect to present the English 335 E-Lit E-cyclopedia entries to an external audience.

Note: Your E-cyclopedia entries will be discussed in class and form the focus of the today’s class

Due: E-Lit E-cyclopedia entry (15%). Upload files and URLS via Moodle. See Assignment handout for directions and guidelines.

Supplementary Readings

D. Grigar, L. Emerson, K.I. Berens, “Curating the MLA 2012 “Electronic Literature’ Exhibit” from Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emergent Knowledge (2012)