Week 3 / Wed. Jan. 21: Foundations II

Lead: Aurelea

Readings: F.T, Marinetti, “Words in Freedom” (1913); Eugen Gomringer, “From Line to Constellation” (1954) and “The Poem as Functional Object” (1968); Brian Kim Stefans, “The Dreamlife of Letters” (2000) and “Suicide in an Airplane 1919” (2010) and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents,  “Dakota” (2002).

Due: Position Paper #1 (10%). Submit hard copy in class. See Assignments handout for direction and guidelines.

Supplementary Resources

Week 3 Slides and Handout.

Zang Tumb Tuuum / Micro-resource, 2012.

Blast. The Modernist Journal Project, a joint project of Brown University and the University of Tulsa.

Futurism / Tate Modern (12 June – 20 Sept 2009).

Italian Futurism  – 1909 to 1944: Reconstructing the Universe/ Guggenheim (21 Feb – 1 Sept 2014).

Eugen Gomringer, Individual Concrete Poems. Via UBUWEB :: HISTORICAL.

“Concrete Poetry in Digital Media: Its Predecessors, its Presence and its Future”, Roberto Simanowski in dichtung-digital 2004 (3).