Art and Games, can the two be used in the same sentence ?

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The question posed in Ian Bogost’s article, “How to do things with videogames” is asking whether video games can be considered art or not. In my personal opinion it can, whether it’s through visual, audio, or even comedy, I think video games can certainly fit those criteria’s. Whether or not video games can be universally accepted as art by everyone is a battle that may never come to an end. When it comes to art, everyone argues about everything relating to art, so to try and stick the “this is art” label on video-games will likely never happen just because of the nature of people and their acceptance of new art forms. But it certainly can be accepted as art by the audience and what they decide is or isn’t art.

The art-game “The Marriage” you are presented with two colored squares, blue and pink, which represents a male and a female in the marriage. You must strategically guide the squares through a maze of circles, which some are good for the squares and some bad, depending on which way you navigate it, you can either help both squares survive, or kill both, effectively ending the game.
Aside from the game mechanics, I personally thought the game was trying to represent marriage through a very unique way. By navigating through the circles which are coming towards you, I thought represented the challenges and obstacles couples face in marriage, some help you out and make you square bigger (representing a stronger bond between the couple) or making your square smaller (putting a strain in the marriage). by making one smaller and the other bigger or vice versa I think shows how a lot of the times in marriage people have to work on their own personal issues and without the help of their significant other they cannot accomplish it but it can also show how without the two working together a marriage cannot continue on.

If I’m not reading too much into the game I think that this has the same effect on the audience as would a painting about marriage, or a song about marriage or any other medium of art. It just happens to be that you interact in this art form.


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