Games and Art? huh

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Games and Art? huh

The Marriage was probably the weirdest game I have ever played. Like every stereotypical male, I decided it was a good idea to start the game without reading the instructions. That sure did not help because the game kept on restarting. Then I found out you were not suppose to click anything. Moral of story…..READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Back to the game, it took me awhile to understand why this game might be classify as “art”. At first, I thought it was the colors and shapes that made it art, but after playing it over a couple of times I realized why it might be classify as one. The game is so simple, yet so complex at the same time as how the game might be for the audience to develop their own story through the title and their imagination.

The story I made up was based off a newly wed couple named Blue (husband) and Pink (wife). They were a happy couple until Blue found a good job and made a lot of green (the green dots in the game where you able to collect, suppose to be money). With all this money, Blue starts coming home late at night neglecting Pink. Pink has all these emotions built up inside her (starts to shrink), that one day she decided it was time to leave him. Blue was so devastated that he end up overdosing, taking his own life because his one true love is gone, The End

This is the reason why I saw it as Art. Through these simple shapes and colors, I was able to come up with this story. I think the main point of the game was to have a different story, every time there is a new player.

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