Video Games as Art

Oct 14, 2013 by

The definition of art can be thrown around, stretched, pushed and prodded. I had never considered video games to be art. Upon first playing The Marriage I was extremely confused because every time I clicked or pressed an arrow the game restarted. I read the rules and played again, having more success than the first couple times. After reading the meaning of the game, written by the maker, the game made much more sense.

Each square represents one half of the marriage, which was pretty obvious. The size of the squares represents their egos and the circles are outside elements that could affect a relationship. The player is trying to make the marriage work or last a long time. Each square, or person in the couple, has different rules which makes the game is very challenging.

The meaning of the game can be different for everyone, depending on his or her experiences with marriage, which can classify it as art. As mentioned above, the game is very confusing and difficult, like marriage. This is a proceduralist game, according to Ian Bogost, because the meaning lies in the rules and mechanics, not in the graphics. In fact, I believe that if the game were to have better visuals, it might have taken away from the meaning.

The game looks as though it would be very easy to complete. This simplistic look could show how a marriage may look simple from afar but when you actually experience it, it is very difficult. Every time the game is played, there is a different storyline. Even though the game is so simple and is made up of colored circles and squares, the player is able to see it as events in a story.

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