“Passage” a guide to life!

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“Passage” a guide to life!

          Critics have finally started to take video games seriously as an art form. However video-games is such a vague word, so what qualifies as art and what is their just for entertainment. The market today continues to be saturated by first-person shooters and action games, but alongside such conventional releases, independent designers are experimenting with affordable and free games that enlighten a players senses. However despite steps being taken by artist to develop these works of art, their are still literary critics who are trying to impede the steps  forward that video-games are making. One such critic is Roger Eberthe was an American, literary film critic, journalist and screenwriter. Roger Ebert described his critical style as, “as relative, not absolute; he reviewed a film for what he felt would be its prospective audience, yet always with at least some consideration as to its value as a whole”. This gives us insight into why he stated that video games cannot be art due to, “the nature of the medium prevents it from moving beyond craftsmanship to the stature of art”. If Roger Ebert were playing “Cod 1-7” or other generic shooters and basing his opinion on that then I would say he is some what justifited. With the the prospective audience being prepubescent children and its value as a whole not being very much. However the quality of games today,  and the range of experiences, counters Ebert’s initial statement. Roger Ebert and men like him are a dying breed, the time for viewing video games as simple and not artistically in-depth is over, and a new golden era is emerging.

Jason Rohrer’s “Passage” is a game that shows us how to live your life. To be successful at the game you need to keep walking towards the right, this increases your score. This shows us that in life if you want to be successful you have to keep moving forward and not dwell on whats behind you. Moving backwards does not increase your score and in life things wont be getting any better. I played this game once and 3 minutes in i decided to go back to the beginning for the woman i ignored. By the time I got there she was just a tombstone and pretty soon I was too. This is another life lesson, don’t get hung up over a woman, because you will end up wasting your whole life. Even though moving forward with the women increases your score it’s easier to get stuck as well. Moving down the map there are obstacles but treasure chest as well. This is another life lesson, where there is obstacles there’s rewards, and we have to be willing to take the risk to get them. I viewed this game more as a interactive portrait rather then an engaging game.



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