Video games=Art?

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Are video games art?  This is a controversial topic because everyone differs in how they can define art.  Like art, games are designed to entertain people with their creative expression and their form.

I think that video games are art because they have a long history and they relate to the culture of the time which it was made in. It also influences people to do different things and makes them think.

When I first played the game “The Marriage,” I thought this game was so simple with its plain graphics.
The game looks very easy to complete but I think it was deliberately designed this way to portray how difficult marriage can be.

Ian Bogost on Serious Games talked about his son playing the game Animal Crossing. He claimed that this game promotes materialistic ideas because his son asked for money so that he could purchase a virtual house in the game.

It seems that games can shape or reflect ourselves as players and thus I think video games can be considered as an art form.

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