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Are video games art? Is an architect an artist? Is a writer an artist? Is God not the first artist?

As a musician and therefor an artist, I find this an easy question.  For some of us, getting up in the morning and getting to school on time is a form of art. I see a video game programmer as an architect of dream worlds. I would argue that anyone who creates something from nothing is an artist. Like any artist, a video game programmer is inspired by their imagination and then MUST create it. Through this artform, the video game programmer hopes to inspire others or at least create an escape for the viewer.

Although I should cite one of the articles in class to back up my points, this time I am forced to refuse.  Nobody can tell anyone what art is and anyone who tries just wishes they were better artists.  Art comes from everywhere. Art is everywhere. The computer I am typing on is a piece of art. The trees outside are art. The air we breathe is art.

It goes without saying that the video game “Marriage” is art because it uses symbols and motion to create an abtract expression of the artist’s view on marriage.

The better question, which has puzzled artists since the dawn of art…….

Is a critic an artist?

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