Nothing you have done deserves such praise

Dec 10, 2013 by

People who believe that video games are not art have clearly never encountered this game.

First of all, in the introduction of this game, it states “our worlds (digital and breathing) are filled with needless and unearned praise. This art/poetry game satisfies you compliment addiction”. From this statement you can tell that this is not an ordinary game.

When you start this game, you realize this game is full of amazing visual graphics! There are moving images of flowers, trees, human organs and microscopic cells (They represent human nature). In addition, there are sound effects of people’s talking, wind, explosion and guns in the background (They represent people, nature and war, which are the key concepts of this game). Every time you pass by an object, a satire statement pops up, mocking human nature.

In level 5, when you pass by an object, a voice in the background says “You score!” or “this is a score!” and the object expels large sum of numbers. This is making fun of the fact that people keep score of everything that we do in life and it is unnecessary.

I thought that this game is so different from other games I have played in the past and that this will makes you look at life in a different way.

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