Nothing you have done deserves such praise

Dec 10, 2013 by

kitten The game starts off very straightforward, telling the gamer that it will be filled with praise apparently since people have a compliant addiction to praise. The first few levels are very straightforward, with simple objectives and plenty of compliments along the way. The setting is a little strange, with many explosions and several paramecia following the little stick man around the screen. It seems as if this game is a satire on other computer games. One of the reasons that computer games are so popular is that they are very rewarding towards people who enjoy overcoming small achievements or receiving some form of affirmation from a computer. Everybody needs to be praised in some way, even if it is by an inanimate machine. The game is mocking human nature and how most people require the approval of others to feel good about themselves. The game made an interesting point, but was redundant by the second level.


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