Game, game, game and again game, too much game….

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Game, game, game and again game, too much game….

This game is perfect if you want to mess up your brain. At first it was hard to follow, but after awhile you get used to the weird style of the game. The object of the game was move around and think. After finishing the game, I had to play it over a couple more times before I started understanding the reason behind this game. This game is another way of teaching, as instead of learning something the traditional way ( slow and steady), everything just comes at you at once.  Before each level, the title displays itself for a quick second. This title is related to the level itself. The levels that stuck with me the most was “The Buddhist” and “The Capitalist”. The Buddhist level was the most simple and the most calm, which resembles the religion Buddhism as the religions values simplicity and wants everybody to live a simple/calm lifestyle. The Capitalist was  the best level as it shows the meaning of capitalism. Each step on the staircase to capitalism has money where you can collect. Once you reach the top all of a sudden you drop down right back to the bottom. This just shows us how easy it is to reach the top, but also how easy it is to hit rock bottom. The game also carries a lot of mixed messages as it showed a burning church and the illuminati pyramid.

This game definitely should be categorized as art, as every level there are a lot of hand drawn pictures. Although the pictures aren’t neatly drawn(sometimes just scribbled on), its unique in a way where its different from all the other games coming out today. It doesn’t have the graphics of a normal 21st century game, but it sure can send a message into your mind faster then any 21st century game out there!

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