Course Calendar/Schedule of Readings

Week 1 | Fri. Jan. 11: What is (Electronic) Literature?
Leaders: Aurelea & Brian
Readings (in-class): Tim Carmody, “10 Reading Revolutions Before E-Books,” The Atlantic (25 August 2010) and DAKOTA, young-hae chang heavy industries presents.

Week 2 | Fri. Jan. 18: Foundations I
Leaders: Aurelea & Brian
Readings: Jim Andrews, “Arteroids,” “Seattle Drift,”“Stir Fry Texts”, and “Aleph Null” from VISPO.
Guest: Jim Andrews ~ meet in LIB 322 at the start of class

Workshop: Before coming to class download Entropy and Entropy Text (both here) onto your your |CIRCLE| laptop for a short workshop. You will need Java (here) installed on your laptop in order to run both “Entropy” programs.  All applications will run on either Mac or PC.

Week 3 | Fri. Jan. 25: Foundation II
Leader: Aurelea 1
Readings: N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary (UND Press, 2008): Chapter 1, “Electronic Literature: What Is It?” and select material from ELC 1: Michael Joyce, “Twelve Blue” (1996), Loss Pequeno Glazier, “White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares” (1999), and Talan Memmot, “Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]” (2003).

  • Assignment Due: Response Paper #1 (10%). Assignments will be collected in class. See Course Assignments for guidelines.

Week 4 | Fri. Feb. 1: Foundations III
Leader: Aurelea 2
Readings: F.T, Marinetti, “Words in Freedom” (1913); Eugen Gomringer, “From Line to Constellation” (1954) and “The Poem as Functional Object” (1968); selections from H.D., Trilogy (copies will be circulated in Week 3); and Donna Leishman, Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw (2004).

Week 5 | Fri. Feb. 8: Foundations IV
Leader: Aurelea 3
Readings: Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen (2012); Brian Kim Stefans, “The Dreamlife of Letters”  (2000); Hayles, Chapter 2, “Intermediation: Between Page and Screen,”  Electronic Literature (2008) or Marjorie Perloff, “Screening the Page/Paging the Screen” (2006).
Suggested (re)reading: Michael Joyce, Twelve Blue (1996).
Guest: Amaranth Borsuk

Week 6 | Fri, Feb. 15: Text Image Sound I (or, From Blake to Bieber)
Leader: Brian 1
Readings: N. Katherine Hayles, “Print is Flat, Code is Deep: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis” (2004); G.B. Pingree and L. Gitelman, “What’s New About New Media?” from New Media: 1740-1915; G. Kress (excerpt from Literacy in the New Media Age) on semiotics of new media; and The Blake Archive.

  • Assignment Due: Response Paper #2 (10%). Assignments will be collected in class. See Course Assignments for guidelines.
  • Supplementary Event I: Narrative Panel (co-sponsored by Liberal Studies and The Capilano Review) with visiting author Bhanu Kapil from 2:30-4pm in Library 322.
  • Supplementary Event II: TCR‘s Narrative Issue Launch at 1965 Main Street (at 4th Avenue). Readings by Bhanu Kapil, Gail Scott, Sina Queryrus, Ashok Mathur and Reg Johanson. Doors at 7:30pm.  Readings at 8pm. $5 at the door.

READING BREAK | February 18 – 22
No classes

Week 7 | Fri. Mar. 1: Text Image Sound II (or, from Blake to Bieber)
Leader: Brian 2
Readings:  M. Duchamp [“R. Mutt’]; OULIPO selections; K. Goldsmith, “It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing’”; M. Mencia, “Birds Singing Other Birds’ Songs” (2001); Young Hae-Chang, “Dakota”; DJ Spooky Interview [w/ William Burroughs excerpts], “Noise From the Street” (2011).

Week 8 | Fri. Mar. 8: Reading Looking Doing I
Leader: Brian 3
Readings:  Steve Tomsula and Stephen Farrell, TOC (2009) and J. Derrida, Archive Fever (excerpt/stop reading at the top of p. 20).

  • Assignment Due: TAC Project (10%).  Upload presentations to the  TAC Submission Forum on our course Moodle site (or just a link or embed code if you’ve uploaded the project elsewhere already on SoundCloud, Slideshare, etc.) by midnight (11:59pm) on Thurs, Mar. 7. See Course Assignments for guidelines.

Week 9 | Fri. Mar. 15: Reading Looking Doing II
Leader: Brian 4
Readings: M. Heidegger, “The Question Concerning Technology”; Jason Nelson, “this is how you will die” and “sidney’s siberia”

Week 10 | Fri. Mar. 22: Canonization I
Leader: Aurelea + Brian
Readings: (before class) Hayles, Chapter 5 “The Future of Literature: Print Novels and the Mark of the Digital” and (in-class) Electronic Literature E-cyclopedia entries.

  • Assignment Due: Electronic Literature E-cyclopedia entry (20%). Workshop version due Fri, Mar 22.  Bring six hard copies of your e-cylopedia entry for workshopping in class. The second half of class will take place in a computer lab; please be able to access an electronic copy of your entry for this portion of the class.  Revisions may be made to your entry after class. The final version of the project must be posted to the course website by 11:59pm on Sun, Mar 24. Directions for posting projects to the course website will be given during the computer lab workshop on Fri, Mar 22.

Week 11 | Fri. Mar. 29: Good Friday
No Class

  • Assignment Due: Paper Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (10%). Upload proposals to English 335-01 Moodle site using the assignment dropbox by midnight (11:59 p.m.)on Friday Mar 29. Proposals will be returned in class on Fri. Apr. 5.

Week 12 | Fri. Apr. 5: Genre Jams I – Or Portrait of an Artist Across Genres
Leaders: Aurelea 4
Readings: Kate Armstrong, Space Video (2012), Medium (2011), Source Material Everywhere (2011); Ulises Carrion, “The New Art of Making Books” (1975); Amaranth Borsuk, “Rebooking the Mix” (2012) and “The Upright Script: Words in Space and on the Page” (2011) .

Guest: Kate Armstrong.

Week 13 | Fri. Apr. 12: Genre Jams II – Or Map Lit/Or Losing Yourself
Leaders: Aurelea + Brian
Readings: Excerpts from Franco Moretti’s Maps, Graphs, Trees (p.1-9, 35-42, 52-61); F. Jameson, “Cognitive Mapping“; Guy Debord, “Theory of the Dérive” ; Welcome to Pine Point (2011), H. O’Neill, “The Red Light District” (2013) and The 21 Steps (2008). 

Supplementary Resources

Weeks 14-15: Exam Period

Assignment Due: Research Essay/Final Project (30%) due Mon. Apr. 15 by noon. Deliver hard copies to either Aurelea (Fir 412) or Brian (Fir 406c).