Week 6 / Wed, Feb. 18: Text Image Sound II

Lead: Brian

Readings:  M. Duchamp, “Fountain” (1917); OULIPO selections (A. Gallix “OULIPO: Freeing Literature by Tightening Its Rules” in The Guardian [July 2013] and R. Queneau’s Cent mille milliards de poèmes AKA One Hundred Million Million Poems [1961] — online version here); K. Goldsmith, “It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing’”; M. Mencia, “Birds Singing Other Birds’ Songs” (2001)

Supplementary Reading

DJ Spooky Interview [w/ William Burroughs excerpts], “Noise From the Street” (2011).

R. Rubenstein, “Gathered, Not Made: A Brief History of Appropriative Writing,” orig. published in American Poetry Review (1999) [ubuweb.com]

Note: This class will open with a formal introduction of the DRP and E-Ecyclopedia Entry assignments.