Week 7 / Wed. Feb. 25: Reading Looking Doing I

Leaders: Aurelea + Brian

Readings: “The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0” and select one of the following four born-digital scholarly articles published in conjunction with the December 2013 issue of American Literature: New Media and American Literature.

Note: In addition to exploring the piece itself, please also read the Scalar Project Author Statements as they appeared in this issue of American Literature.

This class will conclude with a formal introduction of the Final Project. The Final Project Proposal and Bibliography is due on Wed. Mar. 18 (W10)


Supplementary Readings

Daniel Anderson’s Screen Rhetoric and the Material World

James Purdy and Joyce R. Walker, “Valuing Digital Scholarship: The Changing Realities of Intellectual Work,” Profession 2010: 177-195.


Student Works | Three Platforms

Taylor Campbell (Scalar)

Caitlyn Swail (WordPress)

Megan Foster (Wix)