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selected academic essays on bioshock: infinite

  • Brey, Betsy. “A Choice is Better than None, Mr. DeWitt. No Matter What the Outcome”: Remix and Genre Play in BioShock Infinite.” Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, Vol. 7, Nol. 2/3, 2017. pp. 104-112. [link]
  • Lawlor, Shannon. “Your Daughter Is in Another Castle: Essential Paternal Masculinity in Video Games.” The Velvet Light Trap. No. 81, Spring 2018. [link]
  • Parker, Felan. “Canonizing Bioshock: Cultural Value and the Prestige Game.” Games and Culture. Vol. 12, No. 7-8, 2017. 739-763. [link]
  • Shaw, D.O. “Ideology in Bioshock: A Critical Analysis.” Press Start. Vol. 5 No. 1. 2019. [link]
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