Week 10 | Fri. Mar. 22: Canonization I

Leader: Aurelea + Brian
Readings: (before class) Hayles, Chapter 5 “The Future of Literature: Print Novels and the Mark of the Digital” and (in-class) Electronic Literature E-cyclopedia entries.

  • Assignment Due: Electronic Literature E-cyclopedia entry (20%). Workshop version due Fri, Mar 22.  Bring six hard copies of your e-cylopedia entry for workshopping in class. The second half of class will take place in a computer lab; please be able to access an electronic copy of your entry for this portion of the class.  Revisions may be made to your entry after class. The final version of the project must be posted to the course website by 11:59pm on Sun, Mar 24. Directions for posting projects to the course website will be given during the computer lab workshop on Fri, Mar 22.