Week 6 | Fri, Feb. 15: Text Image Sound I

Leader: Brian 1
Readings: N. Katherine Hayles, “Print is Flat, Code is Deep: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis” (2004) and G.B. Pingree and L. Gitelman, “Introduction: What’s New About New Media?” from New Media: 1740-1915; browse The Blake Archive *

* Browsing the Blake Archive: spend 20-30 minutes. In particular we want to review select pages and/or poems from Blake’s so called “illuminated books,” which are early hypermedia combinations of word and image.  The “illuminated books” collection in its entirety can be found here, but for our purposes a quick glance at two or three pages/poems from Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience or The Marriage of Heaven and Hell will suffice.  Note that each link given on these pages is an individual page of the original work, and some poems (“The Tyger”) may be more familiar than others.

Assignment Due: Position Paper #2 (10%). Assignments will be collected in class. See Course Assignments for guidelines.

Supplementary Event I: “What is Ban? [A short talk on narrative and diaspora]” by Bhanu Kapil with responses from Gail Scott, Ashok Mathur, and Alex Leslie at 2:30pm in Library 322. Co-sponsored by the Liberal Studies BA. Free and open to the public.

Supplementary Event II: TCR‘s Narrative Issue Launch at 1965 Main Street (at 4th Avenue). Readings by Bhanu Kapil, Gail Scott, Sina Queryrus, Ashok Mathur and Reg Johanson. Doors at 7:30pm.  Readings at 8pm. $5 at the door.